Date/Time Date(s) - 25/10/2021 - 26/10/2021 Time - 5:00 pm

We are confident, that in October 2021 we will be the first event in the D/A/CH-area which allows you to meet in person and enjoy the networking with your customers & competitors plus interesting Keynotes, Panels and Break-Out sessions. But from our last SIPUGday 2020 we learned, that we can reach out to Market Data professionals from China to Mexico in providing a digital edition too – the future for events is hybrid and we want to be ready for the future!

Therefore we plan to have the

legendary SIPUGdinner on Oct. 25th in a new event location nearby the Zurich Train Station

“We make networking easy, with the pleasure of healthy local food, a remarkable
keynote and a cool location and smooth music”

and the

redefined SIPUGday on Oct. 26th at the Zurich Marriott Hotel plus ONLINE

We have redesigned the exhibitor areas, replaced the speaker area, created a new coffee area and will offer you a Break-Out-Room plus 1-1 meetings room right next to the Lunch area, which is one floor lower. Enjoy the Lunch buffet in a restaurant like area, with a nice seating and the option to order a-la-carte food & wine (not included in the price)

We are currently in an early stage on organizing the event, come back frequently to check out the latest developments!

Sponsoring  and exhibitor packages available on request

If you have any questions: please contact us at events(at)

SIPUGdinner & European IPUG's Workshop - Programm - Oct 25th, 2021

On the day before the SIPUGday we will have the traditional SIPUGdinner.

But before, we want to establish a closed user group workshop with out
peers from GIPUG, IPUG, COSSIOM and other local User Group Organizations
to talk about general
14:00Welcome Words from the SIPUG PresidentSIPUG
Raphael Pont
14:10Hybrid Workshop organized by SIPUG
16:30 End of Hybrid Workshop
18:00Welcome words & drinks to the SIPUGdinner
18:45SIPUGdinner KEYNOTE
"TRUST in Digitalization"
Gérald Vernez,
Fondation digiVolution
19:30It's SIPUGdinner time
20;30It's Networking timeEnjoy the dessert and network with drinks from the bar with lounge music
22:30End of SIPUGdinner


SIPUGday 2021 - Programm - Oct 26th, 2021

SIPUGday will keep the concept from 2020, where we for the first time introduced Break-Out-Sessions for our exhibitors to give first hand information to the onsite and online participants of the event.

08:30Welcome Words from the SIPUG PresidentSIPUG
Raphael Pont
08:35AWP Price drawAWP
Dario Bianchi
"TRUST in Green Finance"
Anja Heuby-Egli,
"TRUST in Innovation"

Christian Frahm,
United Fintech
10:00BREAKOUT - SESSIONWeb Financial Group
10:30BREAKOUT - SESSIONSIX Financial Information
"TRUST in Artificial Intelligence"
Prof. Dr. Walter Farkas,
ETH Zurich & University of Zurich
"TRUST in Technology"
Markus Bachmann
Microsoft Switzerland
12:00"SIPUGday live - Interviews with Exhibitors"presented by SIPUG
13:00BREAKOUT -SESSIONFitch Solutions
13:30STARTup HourMeet local startUp's
"TRUST in Cyber Security "
Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig,
ETH Zurich
"TRUSTed Partners
Swiss Technology Partner Network
"TRUST in Data"
Prof. Dr. Diego Kuonen,
Statoo Consulting & Unitversity of Geneva
"How can we TRUST?
17:15AWP Price drawAWP
Dario Bianchi
17:30SIPUGday - a short resume from us / END OF EVENT

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Date(s) - 25/10/2021 - 26/10/2021
5:00 pm



Ticket Type Spaces
SIPUGday Visitor Ticket
This ticket is for Visitors working for financial institutions, startUp's and educational organisations. The tickets includes the login for the online event platform!
SIPUGday ONLINE Participant Ticket
This ticket is for ONLINE Participants working for financial institutions, startUp's and educational organisations
I accept the rules and conditions for the event registration set out below
a.     The Event Organiser may cancel the entire SIPUGday event at the latest 90 days prior to the SIPUGday event.   
b.     The Event Organiser may modify the format of the event to run it as a fully virtual event if in the Event Organiser’s own judgement such measure is required to meet with the circumstances and risk associated with COVID-19 pandemic. The Event Organiser will make its best effort to inform the participant of such decision10 business days prior to the SIPUGday event. The Event Organiser will comply with applicable Governmental regulations and recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
c.     The Event Organiser and the participant agree that all subjects discussed during the SIPUGday event forums or group meetings will be subject to the Chatham House Rule, as follows: participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. As a consequence of the Chatham House Rule being applicable, an individual participant is free to report and publish what he-she personally said during a forum or group meeting and report and publish what was said by other participants as long as he-she does not directly or indirectly identify such other participant. The participant assumes full responsibility to be in compliance with the Rule.  
d.     All copyright and other intellectual property rights in and to the materials, publications, signage and displays used and performances made at the SIPUGday remain vested in their respective owners. No electronic or other recordings of SIPUGday event performances and contributions (including video, audio and photography) may be made without the prior consent of the speakers and contributors concerned.  
e.     With the Event Organiser’s prior written consent and subject to compliance with the provisions of Section 2.or above, the participant may take photographs and video clips of the SIPUGday exhibition for use on its website, social media and other publications.  
f.      The participant hereby authorises the Event Organiser to include video, audio and photography of the participant on the Event Organiser’s website and to use such material, in electronic or printed form for the purposes of marketing the SIPUGday event.
I accept that the event organizer will use certain data collected with my registration as set out below
a.     The Event Organiser has the right to store and use all the personal information collected with the registration for the marketing of future events organized by him.
b)  The Event Organiser has the right to share name, firstname, function and company name with the exhibitor and sponsors of the event